You've heard what we've got to say -now read reviews from school groups who've experienced Bush Pigs first hand...

Educational value

  • Hartford College
    The education content covered is extremely relevant, learners are taught in a fun way which helps them to absorb the information.
  • Springvale Primary School
    Excellent use of the theme, children learnt so many facts in an extremely fun way. Teamwork was always encouraged. Discipline & handling of problems was fair consistent and loving.
  • CBC Pretoria
    The facilitators did a brilliant job covering the curriculum links especially especially the importance of wetlands. The content was well explained at their level. Very interesting to learn about the plants found on wetlands etc. because they are not always mentioned or discussed in the textbooks.
  • St Columba’s
    Fitted in perfectly with our school curriculum, and implemented in a fun manner. Good challenge for our children.


  • St Columba’s
    Using activities competitively to test their knowledge was great.
  • Cornwall Hill College
    A Highlight is the diversity of the activities – all divine. Very balanced program. Love the teamwork, problem solving, physical activities.
  • De La Salle holy cross College
    Wetlands meander was engaging, orienteering was practical and worth it, Eco E-Ball was excellent, initiatives were great as teamwork exercise. Mudsticle was good physical activity.
  • Bellavista School
    Good variety of activities, motivated the learners. Very active – a plus.


  • CBC Pretoria
    Accommodation, food and activities were above our expectations. We wouldn’t change a thing.
  • Brackenhurst Primary
    Everything was very good not just adequate.
  • Springvale Primary
    We were very happy with everything.
  • Radford House
    Facilities are perfectly adequate and were in good working order


  • Hartford College
    Food was delicious & nutritious. There was a good variety of food. Plenty of fruit, salads, veg and proteins. Special diets were taken care of. No one went hungry.
  • Glenstantia Primary
    Excellent food + Catering for special diets.
  • St Columba’s
    Amazing! Great kitchen staff.
  • Tyger Valley College:
    Food absolutely top class and five star – we shall be dieting when we get home. Great variety and healthy, balanced food provided.


  • CBC Pretoria
    The Bushpigs staff were fantastic with the children. They were friendly yet assertive. Teachers were always up to date with next activities, children’s behaviour, etc.
  • Springvale
    A Lovely group of staff who interact with the children and teachers in a very friendly but professional way. They all get on together so well and that adds to the lovely atmosphere at Bushpigs.
  • Auckland Park Prep
    Bushpigs staff were friendly but firm with the girls. Explanations were clear. They took care of all staff needs and constantly kept us in the loop. Presentation skills – age appropriate level of language & instruction.
  • Professional Flight Centre
    All Excellent. Thank you for making us feel at home.


Teachers Comments

  • Professional Flight Centre
    This is our second year at Bushpigs and the programme, facilitators, food and overall experience makes Bushpigs, according to us, the No.1 camp!
  • Cornwall Hill College
    Thank you for a wonderful experience. We love coming to Bushpigs as it is always such a positive experience. Food, staff, camp experience always wonderful.
  • CBC Pretoria
    Our stay at Bushpigs was a fun yet educational experience for kids and staff. We are looking forward to seeing you all next year.
  • Hartford College
    An Experience of a lifetime for children! Thanks so much to all the Bushpigs staff!
  • Brackenhurst Primary
    Great eco educational experience. Definitely something that all schools should bring their learners to experience.
  • Springvale Primary School
    A lovely group of staff who interact with the children and teachers in a very friendly but professional way. They all get on with each other so well and that adds to the lovely atmosphere at Bushpigs.

Learners Comments .

  • Hartford College, grade 7
    We learnt to save water, and to think wisely about food packaging.
  • Maraboni Primary
    various grades: Thank you for the hospitality. We love you, see you in the future.
  • Bedfordview
    We loved the food it was divine
  • Crawford Prep
    The food was amazing- thank you.
  • Parkview Primary, Grade 7
    We can use less packaging and water in our daily lives and be aware of our carbon footprints.
  • Johannesburg Girls Primary Grade 5
    We would encourage people to save our animals, water and environment.
  • Springvale Primary- Eco venture club
    We loved the MUDSTACLE.
  • Bedfordview Primary Grade 5
    We learnt that working as a team is important.
  • Brackenhurst Primary. Grade 6
    Loved the food, loved all the Bush Pigs staff, had an amazing time –Thank you
  • Clifton College, Botswana. Form 1
    We learn to work together as a team and listen to other people’s ideas.
  • Trinityhouse Prep
    We learnt to never give up, that team work is important and to reduce our packaging.