What to bring

A few things to pack before jumping aboard the bus for Bush Pigs!

Kit list for campers

keep luggage to a minimum; a tog bag is more suitable than a suitcase or rucksack.
  • Appropriate casual clothes suitable for bush whacking: one set of VERY old clothes.
  • No strappy tops for girls as this is very poor sun protection and is also sometimes inappropriate
  • Closed shoes only; strong and comfortable for walking .
  • Rain coat or waterproof cape / jacket.
  • Toiletries and towel.
  • Swimming costume.
  • Warm jacket / jersey.
  • Sun hat and sun protection lotion.
  • Sleeping bag (or alternative) and small pillow. In winter an extra blanket is advisable.
  • Torch.
  • A water bottle e.g. re-used 500ml juice bottle.
  • A plastic packet in which to put wet and muddy clothes.

  • Unbreakable plate, bowl and mug, knife, fork, spoon, drying cloth; all in a drawstring bag
    No disposable items e.g. paper plates

First Aid, Medical Emergencies & Malaria Precautions

The Bush Pigs staff members are trained First Aiders and keep a record of all treatment administered.
Any medication handed in accompanies the group and is administered by the staff at the required times.
Staff carry well equipped First Aid kits.
In the event of serious illness or injury, the Bush Pigs staff will ensure that the child receives professional help and will liaise
with the teachers to ensure that you as parents are informed as soon as possible.
Parents will be responsible for the costs of any medical treatment.
No anti – malaria precautions are necessary.

Special Diets

Children requiring vegetarian diets are easily catered for, as are those with specific dietary requirements e.g. no pork; no wheat.
Muslim children can be provided with separately cooked Halaal meat, or a vegetarian options.
Kosher children must bring own food.
Please make use of the Application Form to indicate type of diet required.

Tuck & Bush Pigs merchandise

At Bush Pigs we do not operate a Tuck Shop and we have a general policy of asking for all tuck to be handed in at the beginning of the
camp and returning it before the children leave. This is not done as a punishment, but helps to maintain camp hygiene and prevent
illness. Perishable items such as sandwiches and fruit are removed before the tuck is stored. There are no facilities for refrigerating
these items and children should limit these to what is needed for the bus journey.

Merchandise available:

T-Shirts: R75
Bush Pigs caps: R50

Conservation Projects

Fruit orchard - where schools can sponsor a fruit tree for the Bushpigs Orchard.
Sponsor a community class for a Bushpigs day trip.
We suggest R5 per learner, please let us know which project your school would like to support.
Donation towards Friends of Bush Pigs fund Raising Initiative

Website, Telephonic Contact & Electronic Equipment

At Bush Pigs there are no public telephones and children are not allowed to make or receive phone calls.
No electronic equipment such as cellular phones, iPods etc. will be allowed.