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We strive to make each school group's experience highly relevant, engaging and unique.

Programme planning

Before every school visit to Bush Pigs, Bush Pigs creates a specialised programme, which matches the school’s exact needs . This is something we do whether it's the first time your school is coming or the 20th time! We believe that focused planning time is a vital ingredient in the overall success of each programme.

Group size

We are able to run 2-5 day programmes for groups ranging from 20 to 180 campers at a time and have plenty of accommodation for all!

Practical planning

We assist with the practical planning for each visit and can provide:
  • Standard consent forms to collect valuable information from parents including contact details, medical information and special dietary requirements.
  • Kit list detailing what each camper needs to pack for the adventure.
  • Bus hire: We can organise buses for the trip through one of the trusted bus companies we have used. We liaise with the bus company throughout the visit to ensure that the service your school receives is of a high standard.


At Bush Pigs we make each school feel at home in more than one way. We function as a non- profit organisation and schools making a booking receive honorary membership for that year. The Board of Directors, along with the members, are instrumental in ensuring that the organisation achieves its goals of education and conservation. Income generated from camp fees is ploughed directly back into the centre and schools feel part of a developing organisation with each year that they visit us. Each member school is also invited to attend our AGM.

How can my school / organisation find out more about Bush Pigs?

If you are new to Bush Pigs and would like to find out more please use our contact form to fill in your details. We will arrange to visit you and provide a greater insight into who we are and how a programme at Bush Pigs can be tailored to your learners' / groups' needs.

We see no need
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We are happy, the children are happy and we leave, feeling fully satisfied and looking forward to next year"

Broadhurst Primary School, Botswana