Frequently asked questions

How do you handle first aid treatment and medical emergencies?

Bush Pigs educators are trained first aiders and keep a record of all treatment. Any medication handed in accompanies the group and is administered at the required times. Staff carry well equipped first aid kits. In the event of serious illness or injury the Bush Pigs staff will ensure that the camper receives professional help and will liaise with the teachers to ensure that parents are informed as soon as possible. Parents will be responsible for the costs of any medical treatment.

Are malaria precautions required?

No anti-malarial precautions are necessary; please confirm with a medical practitioner.

How do you cater for campers with special dietary requirements?

Campers with specific dietary requirements e.g. no pork, no dairy, no wheat, no beef and vegetarian are easily catered for. Muslim campers can be provided with separately cooked halaal meat or a vegetarian option. Kosher campers can be provided with fish or vegetarian options, or may bring special food with them. The consent form should be used to indicate type of diet required.

In an emergency, how would I contact my child at camp?

Prior to the trip to Bush Pigs the school will inform parents about emergency communication procedures to be used in such an event.

What happens if the weather changes?

Programmes are easily adapted for changing weather conditions and the safety of campers always remains the prime concern (this applies particularly during electrical storm activity.) We have indoor facilities and a range of activities to draw from should the weather move us indoors. We've never had to send a group home yet!

As a teacher, what would my role be in a Bush Pigs camp programme?

During the settling in time on the first day - over a much needed cup of tea, we spend time clarifying roles of Bush Pigs staff members and visiting teachers.