About us

Bush Pigs is a well-established non-profit education and conservation organisation providing top quality environmental awareness, leadership development and outdoor adventure programmes of varying duration for school and other groups. Established in 1987, the organisation boasts an impressive track record. Although still operating independently, Bush Pigs has (since 2009) been incorporated as a project of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa, linking together with three Kwa-Zulu Natal based WESSA centres

The aims of a Bush Pigs experience are multi-faceted and include the following:

# To enable people to experience and learn about the interactions between humans, other animals and plant life within ecological systems.

# To lay the foundations, through situations requiring creative problem-solving and critical thinking, for the development of a sense of personal responsibility and stewardship for the environment.

# To promote personal (growth) development, particularly qualities such as responsibility, initiative and leadership through participation in the spontaneous and programmed activities of the group.

# To promote sustainable development practices.

Bush Pigs strives for professional integrity, innovation, flexibility, pro-activity in management, service-delivery beyond expectations and an interactive ethos that promotes the building of strategic relationships and partnerships. Our many highly satisfied clients will attest to our “Going the whole hog for the environment and the extra mile for your school”.Through the valued support of these clients and sponsorships, we also endeavour to implement outreach programmes to community schools and groups.

Bushveld location

Nestled in the foothills of the Waterberg, just 2 hours north of Johannesburg, we use our bushveld surroundings in Limpopo Province to bring learning to life through a wide variety of challenging team based activities.

Core focus

We place an emphasis on fun, adventure, team and personal growth. At the heart of what we do is a commitment to the environment demonstrated through our themed programmes and the ongoing conservation projects at our centre.

Relevant learning

At Bush Pigs we believe that learning needs to be highly relevant and engaging! We steer clear of "set programmes" and work with teachers to build exciting learning experiences that blends curriculum needs with adventurous outdoor activities and environmental topics and themes. Our educational programmes are easily adapted to meet the needs of other groups.

4 Camps to enjoy

Variety is the spice of life! Each camper who comes to Bush Pigs stays at some, or all of our 4 unique camps set in different environments and offering a range of challenging activities.

Solid experience

We've been in "hog heaven since '87" and have run a huge number of programmes over the years. The centre manager is Sandy Beaton and Klaas Monare and Darryn Tucker are senior educators. They are the steering hand behind the scenes, who ensure a dependable professional experience for each group and is a point of continuity for schools that return year after year.

Continuous development

Bush Pigs is a non-profit organisation which means that all the funds received are put straight back into the development of the centre and the training of the Bush Pigs team. We strive each year to improve our facilities and develop new ideas and activities - a fact to which teachers who have visited us over the years can attest.

Teachers Please Note

As there is not optimal reception at all our camps, it is advised that you bring both a MTN and Vodacom simcard.