We have a range of ongoing conservation projects at Bush Pigs each providing excellent learning opportunities.

Tree park

Bushpigs tree park is now open with over 110 trees sponsored so far by schools. There are now 40 different species of indigenous trees in our garden. This conservation project is slowly replacing all those ugly alien trees that are sadly scattered around our farm.
A small dam that is for the birds and frogs also accompanies the tree park.

Bird of Prey awareness programme

We have an on going bird of prey awareness programme. We currently house a Spotted Eagle Owl. This amazing bird is helping us to educate children on the importance of birds of prey in our world and why they need to be conserved.

Reserve work

We are committed to looking after the farm environment around us which means you might get to see and experience veld management in action! We have lots of ongoing projects including alien clearing, maintaining fire breaks and keeping a careful watch on the diversity of the ecosystem around us.


The conservation theme was particularly well presented with practical demo of various things eg borehole, firefighting
Auckland Park Preparatory School