As every visit to Bush Pigs is tailored to the needs of each group there is no 'set programme'; but here's a little taste of the kinds of activities you could encounter at our 4 unique camps.

Camp Crocodile

  • Jump into some old clothes for our mud-filled obstacle course.
  • Get into team action on the initiative circuit; you'll need all your problem solving skills to get through this one!
  • Become a chef on our outdoor team cooking challenges; or try your hand at our Enviro Restaurant - an opportunity to plan, buy and make a meal with the environmental cost in mind.

Camp Hedgehog

  • Experience the world of "hunter-gatherers" as your team designs and builds a shelter for a night out under the stars and a bow for the archery challenge.
  • Tie on those walking shoes for a bush walk to discover the many traditional uses of plants from soap to rope.
  • Don't get lost with your team mates as you test your sense of direction with the aid of a compass on our bush orienteering course!
  • Get your night vision ready for some night time exploration and treasure hunts.

Camp Baboon

  • Hike into the ravine and, if you're lucky, you might catch a glimpse of our resident baboon troop.
  • Join in some fun, competitive challenges highlighting the plight of our planet's Birg of Prey.
  • Tune your voice for some team singing around the camp fire as you cook marshmallows on sticks.

Camp Gemsbok & Khumbaland

  • Get those legs ready for some mountain bike action game reserve style.
  • Hop aboard the game drive vehicle and see how many animals you can spot.